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Building a stronger community, together.


New Day Center is located in the mid-town neighborhood of Sandusky, on the corner of Finch and Warren St. We believe that every single one of our neighbors has gifts that are valuable to our community. We love big, and dream big. We encourage our neighbors to do the same. Together we can live the lives we never dreamed possible. 

Our Values:

Act Justly — Do what is right, truthful, and lawful, and defend others in their vulnerability.

Love Mercy — Demonstrate impartial giving, love, and forgiveness which extends opportunity and hope

Walk Humbly — Desire to know God, walk according to His ways, and make Him known.

Have a need? Let us know, we'd love to help! Have a dream for the neighborhood? Even better. Give us a call.

New Day Center is a non-profit 501c3 organization.






1135 Warren Street
Sandusky Ohio 44870



Tuesday's from 5:30-7pm

Wednesday from 11:00am-12:30

Pantry 3rd Saturday: 11am-2pm.

Check out our Facebook page for up to date event info.




2018 Pantry Schedule


Garden Initiatives 

Stronger families equal stronger neighborhoods. We are committed to increasing access to fresh produce in our neighborhood, and creating opportunities to build community while gardening together. You can check out our gardens at New Day, and our location on Hancock Street. Wanna get involved? Give us a call. Need some fresh veggies? We love to share.



It all started when…

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